WiFi Internet

From Arcadia opening in 2006 we had Internet provided through cables and RJ45 plugs in the wall. This was ok for traditional laptops, but smartphones and tablets were not supported without installing a router in each apartment.

In 2016 Arcadia invested in 4 x WiFi antennas in the garden. It was installed by Selman Ertek Computer and Security in Manavgat, and has functioned well for over three years.

Look for the best signal from SSID = Arcadia1 or 2 or 3 or 4. Get the login pw from your nighbour or from me using the contact form.

Unfortunately, The Telecom capacity and availability has not been up to expected standard and we are still looking for at better Internet provider.

Some homeowners have invested in a mobile modem backup. The price for the modem at Turkcell in Manavgat is very fair and the price of 15 GB is about 90 TL.

If you are really dependent on daily Internet access this backup solution is a MUST.

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