For Home Owners

Turkish Condominium Law

The Arcadia Complex is managed within Turkish Condominium Law.

Arcadia Home Owners Association

The Arcadia Home Owners consist of all the apartment owners. They gather at least once a year to:

  1. Elect the Control Board
  2. Elect the Complex Management
  3. Approve the accounts and budget
  4. Decide the service fee to be collected monthly
  5. Decide the complex rules and similar regulations within Turkish Condominium Law
  6. Decide investments and larger maintenance actions  within Turkish Condominium Law
  7. Handle other suggestions and issues within Turkish Condominium Law.

The Control Board

The Control Board is elected on a yearly basis by the Home Owners Association to manage the decisions made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The SPM Property Management

The SPM Property Management is elected on a yearly basis by the Home Owners Association to manage the daily operations of the Arcadia Complex. The SPM Management is maintaining the common parts of the building, the pool, the garden, the internet and the staff. The SPM Management is also handling the accounts and external relations to bank, solicitor etc. The SPM Management is reporting to the Control Board.

The Webmaster

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Arcadia Internet Site.

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