Minutes of Meeting 15OCT16

Minutes of Meeting was sent direct to the e-mail address of all homeowners today.

Minutes of Meeting Arcadia Homeowners on the 15th of October 2016 at Arcadia

Purpose of the meeting: To elect Dursun Gül as temporary Property Manager of Arcadia because our former Property Manager, Mete Tanis, has resigned due to illness and he was not able to perform his duties anymore.

This extraordinary homeowner meeting was called by the Control Board to handle the Arcadia emergency situation.

23 homeowners were represented at the meeting. This was 72 percent of all homeowners, and 17 was needed for a majority decision. Details are in the Decision Book.

Other attendances at the meeting: Dursun Gul attended the meeting to represent himself as intended Property Manager and to answer questions from meeting attendants. Lawyer Mehmet Birim Karakoc attended to make sure the meeting is correctly performed and to advise the homeowners in this critical situation.

Agenda: There were only one item on the agenda. To elect Dursun Gul to replace Mete Tanis as Property Manager of Arcadia.

  1. Opening by Gerard van Krieken, member of the Control Board Arcadia, at 17.05 o’clock.
  2. Dursun Gul presented himself and promised to take over the duties as Arcadia Property Manager. The general terms and conditions and the monthly fee for Property Management will be the same as approved by the homeowners at AGM 2016.
  3. The represented 23 homeowners voted for deploying Dursun Gul as temporary Arcadia Property Manager from now on until end June 2017. The results were that 19 homeowners voted for Dursun Gul and 4 homeowners did not vote for Dursun Gul. So the election of Dursun Gul was decided by a majority of homeowners.
  4. Gerard van Krieken closes this meeting at 17.35 o’clock. After this the homeowners signed the necessary documents. Our lawyer Mehmet Birim Karakoc will take care of the legal aspects of the contract with Dursun Gul.

Side, 15th of October 2016.

Gerard van Krieken / On behalf of the Control Board Arcadia

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