AGM 2019 Documents

Invitation information

Dear Arcadia Homeowners

As Homeowner you are hereby invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Arcadia Complex.

The meeting will be held at Conny´s Restaurant on Tuesday the 14th May 2019 at 14:00.

In case the majority will not be represented at this meeting a second meeting will be held on the Tuesday the 21th May at 14:00.

See the whole invitation package: Arcadia AGM Invitation for Homeowners 2019

In Turkish: Arcadia 2019 Toplantı Davetiyesi

In Turkish: Arcadia Toplantı Vekaletname formu

The Invitation package includes annex:

We really hope to see you!

Agenda for the Meeting


The AGM 2019 were represented by 25 out og potential 32 homeowners.

1. Résumé of the most important events and issues 2018 – 2019
2a. Accounts for the previous period discussion

Accounts will was presented by Dursun and are available here:

Our lawyer Mr. Karakoc informed about the different legal situations:

  • One homeowner has quested the legality of the budget for last year. Nothing is decided yet.
  • The case against our former property manager, Mete Tanis, is progressing, but there are still no results.
  • We have two legal cases against one homeowner that is not paying. Now 31 out of 32 are paying and that is better than anytime in the past.
  • One homeowner has sold his apartment and owe us about 4.000 TL. This money is considered as lost.
2b. Approval of Accounts 2018 – 2019

The Arcadia Accounts were approved by majority. 15 members approved and 4 members disapproved.

3. Election of Management Board and Property Manager for 2019 – 2020.

Please inform the Control Board about your candidates one week ahead (use

All homeowners accepted to elect Unique Group (where Dursun is the dominating partner) as Property Manager for the next period. Gerard van Kriegen was elected af the homeowners’ member of the Arcadia Management Board.

Information about the new Management Board is here>>

4. Election of Control Board for 2019 – 2020.

Please inform the Management Board via the link from our website ( ) about your candidates one week ahead.

The three members of the Control Board were re-elected without any alternative suggestions.

5. Approval of Estimated Budget Proposal for 2019 – 2020 term

The monthly Service Fee of 600 TL per apartment was decided without any objections.

6. Proposal to change the Financial Season to start on 1st May and end on 30th April

The suggested change of budget and account year from 1. May to 30. April the following year was decided without any objections.

7. Installation of a pump into the backside of D block to avoid flooding

The homeowners decided without any objections that the Management Board should collect 3 x 1.500 TL from July to September 2019 to cover Pump Installation, Painting of buildings.

8. The proposal of Exterior Painting Project

The homeowners decided without any objections that the Management Board should collect 3 x 1.500 TL from July to September 2019 to cover Pump Installation, Painting of buildings.

9. The proposal of purchasing 10 fire extinguisher units to the block entrances

This proposal will fulfill the law requirements and will be implemented. All accepted this investment.

10. The proposal of airing the apartments once a month by the security staff, if the related owner is giving permission.

This proposal was not accepted.

11. Other concerns and requests of homeowner’s.

There were some discussions about reducing the budget in the future by reducing security. Some preferred budget reduction and some preferred high service and security.

Decision Book records.

The Decision Book will be updated at Notary by those two pages:


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