Common Area and Staff

The Service Fee paid every month by the Home Owners is spent on common services and facilities:

  • Property Management done by our elected Manager
  • Watchmen on guard 24 x 7 x 365
  •  Pool Area Maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Internet WiFi Services
  • Building Maintenance
  • Power Generator emergency light
  • Common Area cleaning iccl. ths stairways
  • Small repairs
  • Assistance to Home Owners when needed
  • Investments projects when approved at the AGMs
  • Insurance of common areas (not approved by AGM)
  • Major maintenance tasks (not approved by AGM)

Our Staff duties

Arcadia has since 1. July 2015 had 3 full time employees. Their primary duty is to keep the Arcadia Property secure. Therefore we also call them “watchmen”. They are managed by our Property Manager.

Arcadia has always had 24 x 7 x 265 security by employees since it opened in 2006. The first years the watchmen were employed by Mecitoglu and since July 2015 by Arcadia.

Since 2015 our staff have also done gardening, maintenance of swimming pool, cleaning and assisted with repairs. We have been happy about this and so are the our staff.

Today their main staff strategy is:

  • Make Arcadia a better place for us homeowners
  • Save money on the budget by reducing costs of external services
  • Give our employee a more meaningful job situation
  • Let our staff have the opportunity to make a small bonus on top of their salary.

There are three prerequisites for this employment strategy:

  1. There must be a lock at the gate, so the staff can move more freely around at the Arcadia complex. The staff must carry a mobile phone and the phone number of the staff on duty must be available from outside the gate. Expected cost is about 1.250 TL that must be included in the investment budget.
  2. There must be a job description that can be signed by the staff as a part of the employment process. Bonus opportunity must also bee described by the Property Manager.
  3. This employment strategy must be approved by the homeowners to be effective.
Our Property Manager wrote to us 2. May 2016:

Please find below the tasks of our staff (will be updated as needed):

1 – 08.00am – 16.00pm

Staff 1 – The Gardener

  • Garden maintenance ( seeding, feeding, grass cutting, poison & chemical applications ……etc )
  • Swimming pool PH values control and advising chemical rates to watchmen

2 – 16.00 pm – 24.00

Staff 2 – The Watchman

  • Tidying and cleaning up sunbeds and around swimming pool
  • To collect the communal garbage
  • Pathway cleaning and washing
  • Chlorinating the swimming pool according to values received from gardener

3 – 24.00 – 08.00 am

Staff 3 – The Watchman

  • Arranging electricity problems
  • Sweeping swimming pool
  • Acid application into swimming pool according to values received from gardener
  • General cleanings

Expectations both ways:

Our staff can expect:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To be paid on time
  • To have decent premises like restroom and needed facilities
  • To be acknowledge for extra services
  • To be rewarded with a small bonus when performing major tasks outside their normal job description.

We homeowners can expect:

  • That our staff are helpful and service minded within proper limits
  • That our staff are loyal to us homeowners and our Property Manager
  • That they constantly make sure that Arcadia is a clean and tidy place
  • That they help us when we arrive and departure from our travel to Turkey
  • That they “give us a hand” when coming home with heavy merchandises
  • That they open and close for water and electricity when we arrive and departure
  • That they help us with sun beds when needed

Is it OK to give our staff a small tip?

I would say “yes”, as long as it is a small tip to acknowledge their service and assistance. But never pay too much so they feel that they owe you some special services in the future. Our staff work for all of us – not for specific for you.

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