How to get Insurance

It is the homeowners responsibility to insure own property.

Your apartment is not insured by the insurance of common areas.

Types of insurances

You probably need two types of insurances: 1) a mandatory insurance for earthquakes and 2) an insurance for your apartment in case of fire, flood, burglaries and other damages.

Very important!
  • The insurance is only for one year and it is not automatically renewed
  • Be careful that your apartment address is 100 percent correct
  • Be careful that your name/names is exactly as on your Tapu (title deed)
  • If you are more that one owner (man and wife) all names must be on the insurance policy
Who to contact

If you don’t have any references you can ask our Property Manager for advise.

You can also use this business card. Several Arcadia homeowners are using this company.

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