How to open Bank Account

First you need a Tax Number

Manavgat Vergi Dairesi Before you can open a bank account in Turkey you need a Turkish Tax number. You have to go to the tax office in Manavgat (Vergi Dairesi) to get registered and get your tax number. You need to bring your passport, the address of your apartment in Arcadia, and some cash.

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Opening a Bank Account

Most banks are represented near Arcadia at the big roundabout with the flag. Select your favorite bank (Arcadia is using AKBANK)

Arcadia Port Address

Your Tax number will also be your ID when opening a bank account. To open a bank account you need to bring your tax number, passport, and the address of your apartment in Arcadia and your mobile telephone number.

You should also ask for “Internet Banking” access. For Internet security they need your mobile telephone number so they can send you a sms code for each time you make access. This will be tested when opening internet banking.

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