How to pay Local Tax

As homeowner you are obliged to pay local tax to the Manavgat Council.

For most of the Arcadia homeowners the local tax was paid by Mecitoglu up to 2014, but since that time it have been your own responsibility to find the local tax office and pay.

The tax office does not send any bills and you cannot pay local tax through direct debit in your bank. You must visit the local tax office by your own initiative and pay. And if you are not paying timely the tax office will add interest, so you are advised to pay your local tax at least once a year.


Firstly collect the documentation needed. You need a copy of the Tapu and Passport. If there are more than one owner you need the passport for each owner.

Secondly you must visit the Manavgat tax office to obtain a local tax number. This is different from the tax number you probably already have to open a bank account in Turkey. Walk into the entrance of the building on the left side from the entrance. Then to the right and then the office for obtaining a tax number is on the right. You need one tax number for each owner of the apartment.

Thirdly you walk to the payment port “Vezne” on the right side and show the card(s) with the tax number(s). You inform the official if you pay by cash or credit card (this cannot be changed afterwards). And you will be presented for all taxes not paid in the past plus a major amount of interest.

Next year you only need to go to the payment port and show your card(s) with tax number(s) to pay. Just in case you should also bring your passport.

Location of the Local Tax office

From Arcadia go to the big roundabout with the flag and straight ahead at the Ataturk Boulevard and turn left 500 meters later at Sokak 603 and there it is.

Click on the map to enlarge.

Manavgat Council map

Council Entrance

Council pay

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