Complex Rules

Arcadia Complex Rules version 2023

Complex Rules were updated at the AGM 2023. Download a copy here>>

Turkish version: Arcadia Site Kuralları_2023

Arcadia Complex Rules version 2015

You can download Arcadia Complex Rules updated 2015

Dear Homeowners. For the comfort and wellbeing of everybody staying in the complex, we kindly ask you to follow the agreed complex rules listed below.

Arcadia Complex Rules

  • Please do not sunbathe or sit on the grass.
  • Do not plant flowers or other plants in the gardens.
  • Do not leave personal possessions in the communal areas. The Property Manager or Homeowners will not take responsibility for any personal possessions stolen.
  • Do not interfere with service boxes i.e.. electric, telephone or the sprinklers in the garden area.
  • Please contact our Property Manager if you have problems with items at the common premises.
  • Do not enter service machinery rooms,  ie.  pool pumping room.
  • Please do not throw anything but toilet papers in the toilets. Hygienic pads and baby napkins cause serious blockages in the sewage system and might potentially damage inside your apartments.
  • Please be aware  of the comfort of other residents, do  not have your music, TV, telephone calls, laptop or smart phone multimedia etc. at high  volume.
  • Do not feed the wild or stray cats and dogs. Pets and domestic cats and dogs must be under full control of the owner. We do not accept barking at the terraces or feces in the garden.
  • Use our common internet with care. Do not take away a major part of the capacity from the other residences by streaming films etc.
  • Apartment  owners are not allowed to make any changes outside their apartments which would affect the general appearance of the complex. This includes paint colors.
  • Damages caused by guests will be charged to the apartment owners.
  • Please do not play football on the grass or around the pool areas.
  • Please do not leave any kind of personnel belongings in the block corridors.
  • Sun beds, bicycles, prams etc. must be stored away in private areas or agreed sheds for that specific purpose, when the apartment is not in use.
  • Please leave your bin out in waste containers. Waste containers are located  just out side of the complex entrances. Never leave your bins in the hallways or at the garden dustbins.

Thank you for your adherence to these rules and guidelines.

Notice: Please inform all of  your guests about the above rules . If anyone is found breaking these rules please inform the person about our complex rules, and if not helping then inform our Property Manager.

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