New Garden Equipment

Side, 12. August 2015

Our new site manager, Mete Tanis, wrote at 8. July in an e-mail to Home Owners:

Lotus get back all gardening materials so we need to buy some new materials ( Lawn mower, hedge trimmer, knives, hose pipes….etc )

In the account statement you can see this post:

Garden equipments ( lawn mower, hedge trimmer, barrow, paddle..etc – all new ) – 5.850 TL

So now we have our own equipments for maintaining the garden and we also have a skilled staf person, who takes care og the garden while on watch in daytime. A good solution we think and a good investment in the future.

Unfortunately, this was not included in the base budget from start, and may create payment problems later this year. Right now many home owners have prepaid the base fee for the whole year and are not expected to pay more base fee during the next months.

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