First AGM Minutes

Side 1st July 2014

Hi All Home Owners

The meeting went OK Lotus has the contract for 1year. The cost we managed to get reduced slightly for 3 watchmen (24 hours)  the budget for their services was to be 54890TL and now will be 50000_TL the new cost per month per apartment will be  330 TL per month.

The management committee is B10, B6 and C2. You should receive an email from Mecitoglu giving you
these details I have a copy of the minutes bit they are in Turkish we should be receiving  a translated version
shortly I will send an email to all the email addresses  I have.

If you have any questions please email  me.


NB: I forgot to add there will be a bank account set up in the name of arcadia for money to be paid in. You will be informed of this from Lotus when done.

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