Garden and Pool preparation

Side, 29. February 2016

Mail from Mete – our property manager:

Just to let you know that we are really hard working too here to make everything better for Arcadia. Comprehensive garden and swimming pool works started. All hedges and trees were trimmed, grass cut and fertilizer applied. We just need to wait another two weeks for trimming palm trees by crane as the gardener said that it is Still early to do that.

Also, I send the photos from garden too.

(Click on each photo to enlarge it)

SAM_1476 SAM_1475SAM_1492 SAM_1493 SAM_1494 SAM_1496 SAM_1477 SAM_1478 SAM_1479 SAM_1481 SAM_1483 SAM_1484 SAM_1485 SAM_1487 SAM_1489


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