Lotus-M Site Management General Information

Side, 1. July 2014

Dear Homeowners

We thank you for choosing Lotus M Management Co. for the Management and Maintenance of your development.

As the Management&Maintenance Co. of your development, by 01st July 2014 it is our duty to provide the maintenance and follow your decisions that you agreed at Homeowners Meetings. To run the management and maintenance of the development, we request from all homeowners to pay their fees on time.

At the attached, you will see the meeting minutes, payment amounts and payment dates of maintenance fees and also the bank details of your development. You can do your payments to the bank account of your development or  to Lotus M Management Co.office.

By 01st of July 2014, please use the following e-mail address and the phone numbers to contact with us for your requests and complaints.

Lotus M Management Co. Contact Details:

e-mail                                                 : info@lotusm.com.tr

Office phone                                      : +90 242 753 23 73

Office fax                                          : +90 242 753 23 74

Customer Care and for Urgent calls  : +90 532 653 85 24 ( Deniz TİMUR)

+90 530 396 80 16 ( Veysel KÜÇÜK)

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