Our Security Staff

7. January 2021.

Hi all Arcadia Owners

A few days ago Peter told me there was a burglar who tried to get in his apartment D3. Our security on duty saw the burglar, chased the burglar in time away and called the Jandarma. This was a very correct action of this security man.

I think it was 1 or 2 years ago that the old man who lived in apartment D5 Arcadia got a hartattack. Also in this situation it was our security staff who made the right decisions to call the ambulance and gave the man all necessary help.

I am very happy that we have a 24/7 security staff. The 2 above mentioned situations confirm that we need this servive so Peter in D3 had no damage or things were stolen. AND perhaps more important, the man who lived in D5 was in time in the hospital for further care.

Thank you so much to out trusted staff!

Kind regards


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