Tapu Amnesty Updated

Side, 3. November 2018.

—-   IMPORTANT FOR ARCADIA HOMEOWNERS — Read this post first>>

To start application the deadline is changed to 31. December 2018

Procedure for Europeans

Europeans need a Turkish Power of Attorney (POA) to perform the procedure. They are needed one day in Turkey.

  1. Find a trusted person to give the POA. Ask Dursun for recommendations.
  2. Send a copy of your Tapu, Passport and Tax-number (used by the banks) to the POA agent
  3. The POA agent goes to the post office and gets an application number
  4. The POA agent prepares the POA document
  5. An official translator is needed for the next step
  6. You, the POA agent and the translator go the Notary Public (in Manavgat).***
  7. You bring your original passport. Only one person is needed even if two persons on the Tapu.
  8. The POA is issued by Notary. It costs about 500 TL. The translator also costs about 500 TL
  9. Then you are done and can go home. The POA agent continues with step “b” below.
***NB: It has later come to our attantion that some homeowners from UK has been able to fulfill the procedure without leaving their country.  Basically they send out a power of attorney which they got notarised in their own country attaching passport – then send back (DHL or similar). Copy of  Passport is ok.
Procedure for Turkish Citizens and Residents

Turkish Citizens and Residents can do most of the procedure themselves. It takes one week.

  1. Go to the post office and get an application number
  2. Find a person who is authorized to measure your property
  3. Fill out the application form on the Internet site
  4. Wait for government response and see how much you must pay
  5. Go to bank and pay the amount (for Arcadia apartment is is 2.000 – 2.500 TL)
  6. Wait 2 – 3 days and you get the certificate via mail/internet
  7. Present a copy of the certificate to the local government and keep the original.

And you are done!

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