Tapu Amnesty

Side, 11. October 2018.


This post will be updated when we know more!!! To start application the deadline is 31. October 2018

Lately it has come to our attention that Ankara has passed a law regarding legalizing property Tapu if it has not been correctly handled from start. It appears that the Turkish government tries to bring “as much as possible” in terms of Tapus and land registration. For you, Arcadia Owner, it is probably worth looking at the following aspects.
You will find a long and complicated description at this link:

Purchasing/Selling A Property In Turkey/ Military Clearance & Capital Gains Tax etc

You can also download a PDF version here>>

There are two issues to address:
  1. Type of building approval
  2. Legalizing an illegal extension to a property
Type of building approval

Have a look to ensure the “x” is placed at “Kat Mulkiyeti”. If yes, everything is ok. If “no” read the document at the above link. Most Arcadia owners do not have a problem here.


Legalizing an illegal extension to a property

When we bought our Arcadia apartments back in 2006 and the Tapu was issued we were told by Mecitoglu that only one floor has been approved per duplex apartment as living room. Roof floor and basement floor was approved as storage areas. We believe that this is still the status and the homeowners may be very interested in getting those “storage areas” legalized as living areas.

 Tapu Amnesty


The Turkish government now gives the opportunity to correct / legalize this situation until the end of 31. October 2018.

After this date the cost and risk is believed to be much higher. Read this section in the attached document:

<—- Read this section.


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Arcadia Management

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