Turkish Condominium Law

The Arcadia Complex is managed within Turkish Condominium Law.

Arcadia Home Owners Association

The Arcadia Home Owners consist of all the apartment owners. They gather at least once a year to:

  1. Elect the Control Board
  2. Elect the Complex Management
  3. Approve the accounts and budget
  4. Decide the service fee to be collected monthly
  5. Decide the complex rules and similar regulations within Turkish Condominium Law
  6. Decide investments and larger maintenance actions  within Turkish Condominium Law
  7. Handle other suggestions and issues within Turkish Condominium Law.

The Control Board

The Control Board is elected on a yearly basis by the Home Owners Association to manage the decisions made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Primarily the Control Board duties are stated in TCL, and the following specification of duties are of more practical format. The main duties are:

  1. Carry out the decisions made by homeowners at the AGM according to TCL
  2. Supervise the stated duties of the Property Manager and take necessary actions when needed. Make sure the property manager do not make purchases or obligations outside the approved budget or stated authority.
  3. Make sure that the service fee is collected as stated and take proper actions when debtors are not paying. This include use of solicitor and legal actions as needed and decided by the homeowners.
  4. Make sure the accounts are correctly and timely updated
  5. Validate accounts and bank transaction on at least quarterly basis (1/10, 1/1, 1/4 and 1/7). One member of the Control Board must be granted read-access to our bank accounts, so transaction reports can be downloaded/printed and validated
  6. Take care of major issues and handle those in cooperation with our property manager. If outside the authority of the Control Board then call for an extraordinary homeowner meeting according to TCL
  7. Report the status on a regular basis to the Home Owners. Inform homeowners on progress when major issues are being handled
  8. Provide the Arcadia webmaster with relevant information in order to keep the homeowners updated on accounts, issues and events.
  9. Call for an extraordinary Home Owner Meeting if necessary for issue handling or investments outside the provided budget
  10. The Control Board will always evaluate the performance of the Property Manager and report their findings at the following AGM. It is the responsibility of the Control Board to advise the home owners at the AGM to elect the Property Manager for the next year or propose an alternative solution.

The Property Management

The Property Management is elected on a yearly basis by the Home Owners Association to manage the daily operations of the Arcadia Complex. The Management is maintaining the common parts of the building, the pool, the garden, the internet and the staff. The Management is also handling the accounts and external relations to bank, solicitor etc. The SPM Management is reporting to the Control Board. The main duties are:

  1. Managing our relationship to external Turkish stakeholders on behalf of Arcadia
  2. Receiving fees from homeowners and make a monthly report update
  3. Take proper actions against debtors not paying within agreed terms and conditions
  4. Paying staff salaries and Arcadia bills timely and make a monthly report update on both paid and unpaid bills within the first week of the following month
  5. Making sure that payments and expenditures are done through bank transfers when possible
  6. Managing the bank accounts and make a monthly report update
  7. Make transaction visible for the Control Board so verification is easy to do
  8. Making a yearly status report according to TCL
  9. Managing our staff and make sure they perform their duties as agreed with the Control Board. A list of staff duties must be maintained by the Property Manager
  10. Make sure that Arcadia is guarded by our staff and extra staff as needed to maintain 24 x 7 x 365 security
  11. Make sure the pool is maintained properly and kept open 7 months from 1. April.
  12. Make sure the garden is maintained properly
  13. Make sure the staircases are clean and tidy
  14. Make sure minor repairs on pool, garden and building is performed as needed.
  15. Contact the Control Board when their authority is needed. Purchasing a service or some equipment over 1.000 TL requires Control Board approval
  16. Assist the Control Board with information and documentation when requested
  17. Facilitate the yearly AGMs in cooperation with the Control Board
  18. Make sure that Arcadia is managed within the relevant parts of TCL.

The Arcadia Management Board (AMB)

The Arcadia Management Board (AMB) was formed in July 2016 to strengten the financial control over Arcadia’s accounts. At the AGM 2016 a new procedure was established to handle debtors more efficiently and the main purpose of the AMB is to:

  1. Collect money from homeowners not paying timely – using the newly established procedure
  2. Make sure all payments and bills are handle through AKBANK to improve the transparency of transactions.

The AMB consist of our Property Manager and Gerard van Krieken from the Control Board. The roles and responsibilities of our Property Manager and Control Board remain unchanged.

The Webmaster

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Arcadia Internet Site. The main purposes of the Arcadia website is to:

  1. Inform the home owners regularly through a “News” system
  2. Improve the communication between our site manager and the home owners
  3. Improve the reporting of status from site manager and Control Board
  4. Present our beautiful Arcadia complex with all its facilities
  5. Present the Side area for potential visitors
  6. Make Photo Galleries available for events and presentations
  7. Give the Home Owners a better overview of how Arcadia is managed
  8. Give practical information to home owners and their guests
  9. Store “News” and other documents in an archive system available for home owners
  10. Document the results from the Annual General Meetings [L]
  11. Document the account status for each period [L]
  12. Store all important legal documents [L]

[L] means the information is private and login by home owners are required

If you need access to the [L] pages, please contact the webmaster here>>

Help information is here>>

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