Internet Rules

Internet Rules

Wireless Internet is provided through 4 antennas placed close to each block.

  • Use bandwidth with care. We are sharing a low capacity line and one user can easily take a major part of the capacity, and make it difficult for other owners to get access.
  • Mail, web browsing, skype without video is no problem. But streaming video is too heavy when many owners are visiting Arcadia in summertime.
  • Don’t give the Internet Access password to anybody outside Arcadia. We are paying for the Internet bandwidth and don’t want freeloaders.
  • Adhere to the common ethical rules of using the Internet.

 Rules for Arcadia Home pages

  • The Arcadia Home pages has an official section and a private section for Home Owners. The official pages can be visited without login. The private pages are marked with an [L] and requires a login.
  • All Home Owners will be provided with a personal login and password by the webmaster. Use this login when you need access to private informations like “accounts”.
  • Update your password regular. Press “Your Profile” up in the right corner of this page.
  • Do not place any private information on the official pages that can we visited by anybody
  • Never use Home Owners name or e-mail addresses. You can refer to their apartment number like “B6”.
  • When updating the “News for Home Owners” be care full to present things in a polite way and do not reveal any confidential information.
  • Meeting minutes may be official or confidential. You have to judge. If confidential please place those meeting minutes in the private sections (marked with an [L] ).
  • If you observe information that should not be on the pages please send a message to the webmaster and explain the situation

You can contact the webmaster by this form:

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