Flash Flood hit Manavgat

Flash Flood hit Turkey’s southern tourist resort of Manavgat

Flash floods, which was triggered by torrential rains has paralyzed daily life across the southern Turkish city Antalya’s Manavgat district.

Excessive rains which has started on 03:00 Turkish local time (GMT: 01:00) and has affected across the southern Turkish resort city of Antalya’s Manavgat district, which took nearly 280 kg rains for per square meters since the starting of the rain.

Meanwhile, famous river Manavgat has overflowed and many residences, workplaces and arable lands were inundated. According to the local authorities that water level has reached alarming level in river manavgat. Flash floods also give heavy damages to the power lines and have caused electric shortage across the tourist resort.

Salih Doğruöz , boat owner in river Manavgat said that the due to the nonstop rains, the water level in the river has reached the alarming level. Doğruöz also noted that he came near the river to tie his boat to save it. “There is no any threat by now but if the rain continue like that water level can be reached very critical and dangerous level,” added Doğruöz

Hasan Ambar, a boat owner in the river Manavgat stated that the excessive rains have caused to increase the water level. He noted also when he came there to tie his boat.

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