Call for AGM 2015

Side, 8. May 2015

Dear Arcadia Complex Homeowners,

Invitation to AGM 2015

As the Annual General Homeowners Meeting of  Arcadia Complex will be held on 19th May 2015 (or on 26th May 2015 if the majority (%51) cannot be provided at 19th May 2015), to make a clear meeting, we would like to inform you about meeting agenda and meeting procedures.

We request from you to view the attached documents to this e-mail and inform us if you have any topics to add into agenda and if you would like to present your nomination to Arcadia Complex controller board.

  • Annex 1 : Meeting Procedures
  • Annex 2 : Meeting Invitation and Meeting Agenda
  • Annex 3 : Authorisation Form

All three documents can be seen here>> (login needed)

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