Contract with SPM

Side, 15. June 2015

The Control Board is happy to announce that Arcadia (as a legal entity) has signed a property Management Contract with SPM (Side Property Management. Our Legal Site Manager will from the 1. of July 2015 be Mete Tanis.

You can see the contract here>> (login needed)

Mete Tanis business card

Mete Tanis can be contacted at the SPM homepage here>> (link inactive since Mete left SPM)

or Mete Tanis can be contacted at the Plus Homes homepage  here>>

or you can contact Mete Tanis through the Arcadia homepage here>> (link inactive after 01OCT16)


>SPM StaffMete is at the left side of the photo.

Have a look at the Home page of SPM

and the homepage of Plus Homes

(same company)

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