Mecitoglu terminates Maintenance Services

Mecitoglu, 18th April 2014

Dear Home owner,

We would like to inform you about an important change that will take place in the property management and maintenance strategy of all Mecitoglu developments. This change will affect you and your property as well. So we kindly ask you to read this e-mail and its attachments carefully.

We started offering maintenance services 14 years ago following the completion of our first residential project. For us, the reasons behind getting into this business were two-sided. Firstly, there were no companies offering professional maintenance services and secondly, we had a strategic view of creating further growth for our core building business by keeping our projects maintained to the highest standards.

Consequently, an extensive subsidy has been provided to our maintenance department over the years. However, during these 14 years, a large number of developments have been completed and the figures are continuously rising. We have now come to a point where we are having difficulties operating in an effective and sustainable way.

As a result of above;

  1. In order to keep our maintenance services at its best quality, we have agreed to partner with a professional maintenance company with experience whose main business is property management and maintenance services.
  2. We, as Mecitoglu Homes will continue our way as a residential developers. However, our partnership with the new maintenance company will ensure that we will have supervision on the new company in terms of the quality and its pricing policy.
  3. The new maintenance company is going to function on the basis of Turkish Condominium Law. As a result of this, every development will have to set up an owners committee and this committee to elect a manager.

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