New Arcadia Homepage

Side, 22. January 2016

Dear Home Owners

Happy New Year!

Today we have launched a new Arcadia Homepage. The purpose is to:

  1. Inform the home owners regularly through a “News” system
  2. Improve the communication between our site manager and the home owners
  3. Improve the reporting of status from site manager and Control Board
  4. Present our beautiful Arcadia complex with all its facilities
  5. Present the Side area for potential visitors
  6. Make Photo Galleries available for events and presentations
  7. Give the Home Owners a better overview of how Arcadia is managed
  8. Give practical information to home owners and their guests
  9. Store “News” and other documents in an archive system available for home owners
  10. Document the results from the Annual General Meetings [L]
  11. Document the account status for each period [L]
  12. Store all important legal documents [L]

[L] means the information is private and login by home owners are required

If you need access to the [L] pages, please contact the webmaster here>>

Help information is here>>

Information Letter sent out 22.January 2016

Info letter 22JAN16

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