Security Cameras

Side, 17. November 2014

Dear Controller Board,

We would like to inform you about Antalya Governors issued order for the developments with large communal grounds.

According to the document, complexes with wider than 40 square meters communal areas must install security cameras, this installation is obligatory and ignoring this decision may result in penalty applied to your complex.

For your information, the original document received from Antalya Governor Office is attached to this e-mail, we regret that it is available in Turkish only and there are no online sources.

We kindly ask you to consider this as a matter of urgency, while there might be penalties applied to the complex.

For your comfort, LOTUS M is going to get the best security cameras system proposal for your complex as soon as possible and communicate it to you.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


Sayın Denetim Kurulu Heyeti,

Antalya Valiliği tarafından verilen bilgi doğrultusunda, Antalya İli ve İlçelerinde bulunan toplu konutlarda, güvenlik kamerası zorunlu hale gelmiştir.

Bu vesileyle Lotus M Firması olarak sizlere en kısa sürede sistemin kurulmasıyla ilgili gereken detaylar hakkında bilgilendirme yapacağız.

Ekte, konuyla ilgili Antalya Valiliği tarafından duyurulan bilgilendirmeyi inceleyebilirsiniz.

Kind regards,

Saygılarımızla, Customer Care



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