New WiFi system

Side, 12. August 2015

Our new site manager, Mete Tanis, wrote at 8. July in an e-mail to Home Owners:

In this weekend we will start to fix WIFI internet and I think it will be working next week. We saw that existing internet system is not working properly and we will cancel it.

In the account statement you can see this post:

WIFI internet expenses until 18 August 2015 ( First half payment was made ) – 3.790 TL

The old Internet system was established in 2006 and based on RJ45 cable connections. At this time we did not have skype, streaming services and those high bandwidth apps. In 2006 we had laptops, e-mails and simple internet browsing. We could manage with low bandwidth and a small limit on the monthly capacity. The Arcadia Internet had until this upgrade lower capacity for all 32 homes combined than one single person have today at his/her SIM-card for a cell-phone.

Today most home owners and their guests are using smart phones, tablets and laptops – all using WiFi (no RJ45 cable connections anymore), and we had to upgrade the Internet system to meet the expectations of the Arcadia visitors.

WiFi antennaUnfortunately, this was not included in the base budget from start, but only in the reserve budget and may create payment problems later this year. Right now many home owners have prepaid the base fee for the whole year and are not expected to pay more base fee during the next months.

On the other hand: Enjoy our new WiFi system.

The photo shows one of the 4 WiFi antennas in the Arcadia garden. They are all connected to a central hub in a shelter close to the power generator (close to B1).

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