Payment Notification 13FEB15

Side, 13. February 2015

Dear controller board of Arcadia,

We are  going to send an e-mail to owners who are behind of their maintenance fees payments.

As you could see in the balance sheets there are some owners behind,

Please see below the sample of the e-mail we are going to send to those owners.

Payment Notice can be seen here>>


Dear Owner ,

We would like to draw your attention the balance for management and maintenance (2640 TL) is overdue.

Payment of your account has now exceeded our normal payment time frames and we are not in the position to be able to allow this matter to continue unresolved.

We therefore, kindly request payment to be received no later than 20 February 2015 or we will have no other alternative but to proceed with Legal Action with interest, according to Turkish Condominium Law Article 18 and Article 20.

Payment notice and Turkish Condominium law can be found attached to this email in a file: Arcadia  payment notice A1

Payment Notofication

Please note if you have any queries or are not able to make full payment immediately, contact us via e-mail or telephone  +90 242 753 23 73.

Kind regards, Giedre Vilkaite – Gursoy

Customer Consultant

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