Introductonary Status by SPM

Side, 8. July 2015

Dear Arcadia Owners,

We hope all of you are very well.

We hereby would like to introduce ourselves first. We are an estate agent and a property Management company who gives these services for fourteen years. We look after more than one hundred thirty properties and three complexes. We also give consultancy service for foreigners. We can honestly say that first we started to do property & site Management in Side ; however we wanted to grow up slowly and strongly.

In Arcadia, on most of the owners’ decision our offer accepted and in the AGM 2015 in May majority voted us to start Arcadia management by 01st July 2015.

However, Lotus has delivered the documents and decision book on Friday, 3rd of July. We received the documents with John Stewart who is inspector. After weekend we went to notary public yesterday and we are authorized to manage Arcadia officially ( please see attachment ).

After a comprehensive check ( the documents received from Lotus attached ) please see below what the financial situation is ;

  • The money in the account          – 11.748,10 TL
  • Unpaid site fees                                  5.963,35 TL

TOTAL                     -5.784,75 TL

Shortly, we are not in very good positions now but this will not stop us to make our plans. ( Legaly we cannot make anything for the accounts from Lotus because in AGM it was approved and accepted with signatures ).

The salaries of the guards for June 2015 were paid by us as some owners paid for whole year. Unfortunately gardener Hasan will not be with us any more. He wanted to stay but because of some private problems he said he needs to stay with Lotus. We have a new gardener now who is expert on his job. We are happy that Murat and Bayram are staying with us.


  • From 1st July 2015 on, site fee is 225 TL monthly until next AGM not 330 TL.
  • Extra 60 TL payment everymonth will be spoken later. Now, no needed.
  • We have new bank accounts in AKBANK on ARCADIA’s name not any company’s or person’s name. Therefore please pay your site fee into these new accounts.
  • In this weekend we will start to fix WIFI internet and I think it will be working next week. We saw that existing internet system is not working properly and we will cancel it.
  • In the end of this month we will start to fix security camera system.
  • In September or may be in October we will build a toilet and a cot for staff.
  • Lotus get back all gardening materials so we need to buy some new materials ( Lawn mower, hedge trimmer, knives, hose pipes….etc )
  • The accounts will be given to supervisors every month.
  • Today we will open a page in Facebook and everyone can follow the developments in Arcadia.

Finally, we hope this new beginning will bring good luck to all of us.

Please feel free yourself to contact us if you have any question.

References to AKBANK account number and IBAN can be seen here>> (login needed)

Best Regards



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